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Mixology Master

Mixology Master

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This collection will exponentially improve your bartending potential by arming you with the tools to mix like a pro. From handcrafted tonic syrup, brandy soaked Morello cherries, vermouth brined olives, small batch old fashioned mix, and natural artisan sodas, just add the booze and bring on the fun!

Set Includes:

  • Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. – Vermouth Brined Olives
  • Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. – Small Batch Tonic
  • Bittermilk – Old Fashioned Rouge
  • Cannonborough Soda – Ginger Beer
  • Cannonborough Soda – Grapefruit Elderflower
  • Cannonborough Soda – Honey Basil
  • Grittiness Brandy Soaked Cherries

(Tray, pineapple and jigger not included).